“The worship of God is… the true believer’s most important activity…” [Dr. Robert Rayburn]

Corporate worship is central to Center Grove’s life and ministry. Our primary concern in worship is to worship God in a manner that pleases Him. We are committed to the regulative principle – that is, “Since the Holy Scriptures are the only infallible rule of faith and practice, the principles of public worship must be derived from the Bible, and from no other source” (Book of Church Order 47-1).

Not only are we to worship God only as He has prescribed in the Scriptures, but He is to be the sole focus of our worship – in other words, God is the audience. As His covenant family, we gather together to praise and glorify Him. Our primary purpose in worship is to give to God, rather than to receive from Him. Yet in giving, we ourselves receive His grace and blessing!

Worship at Center Grove is more traditional in style. We make use of the Creeds, the Lord’s Prayer, the Doxology, unison prayers, and responsive readings of Scripture – though not all of them in every service. Expository preaching of God’s Word is central to each worship service because the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God, the only infallible rule of what we are to believe and how we are to live.

Music is selected to help us verbalize our praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. Musically, we include the great hymns of the faith from the Trinity Hymnal, along with hymns and spiritual songs that are more contemporary in style. Both must meet the standards of doctrine and theological richness of our Reformed heritage; thus, our music is stylistically varied, but doctrinally unified. Accompaniment includes organ and piano, as well as occasional brass, woodwind, and percussion.

The best way to find out about worship at Center Grove is to visit us and experience it for yourself. We welcome visitors each week as we reach out to this area with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our members and attenders represent differing backgrounds and various age groups. When you visit, don’t hesitate to ask an Usher or Deacon for help if you have any questions or special needs.

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