Sunday School

“The mission of the Christian Education ministry through its classes, programs, and activities is to help people of all ages know, love, and serve God on an increasingly consistent and obedient basis”.

Children and Youth

All volunteers in children and youth ministries of the church have been screened and background checked.

Available during the worship service, Sunday School, and for other church activities. The nursery facilities are intended for children up to age four. We have both a Quiet Nursery where mothers can nurse and rock their infants and a Children’s Nursery for supervised play time and instruction. During Sunday School, there is also a class for Toddlers (ages 2 & 3).

Sunday School
Provides a supportive and caring environment where children are discipled and equipped to be followers of Jesus Christ. We use a Reformed Sunday School curriculum that disciples children by rooting them firmly in God’s Word. For older children and youth, the curriculum deepens and broadens students’ knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. Classes are provided as follows:

  • Age 3
  • Ages 4 – K
  • Grades 1-3
  • Grades 4-5
  • Grades 6-8
  • Grades 9-12

Communicants Class
Communicants Class is provided for children who are ready to make a public profession of faith. Students receive instruction in the Gospel, the Reformed faith, how the local church is governed and the Sacraments.


Each quarter we offer different adult Sunday School electives. The educational offerings are designed to teach spiritually-sound, culturally-relevant, and practical Christian principles important for both individuals and those in families as they grow in conformity to the image of Christ. Additionally, we offer adult electives in the areas of Christian Living and Doctrine often based on books or video series of both classic and contemporary Reformed Christian writers, pastors, and theologians. The classes are taught by our pastors, ruling elders, or members carefully selected for teaching adult classes.

“Coffee Talk”                                                                    

Have a cup of coffee/tea/cocoa, and talk about questions brought up by the sermon or living the Christian life, etc. This class will offer an informal opportunity for learning, discussion, conversation and discipleship.



Ecclesiastes is in the genre of “Wisdom Literature.” Many scholars hold that Ecclesiastes is perhaps one of the most challenging books in the Bible, because it deals with the deeper issues of living life in a fallen world in the form of ‘sayings’ and ‘oracles,’ or ‘poetry.’   The author of the book refers to himself as “the Preacher,” and he opens the book with a rather blunt statement about the meaning and reality of life post-Eden.   He says, “vanity, vanity, all is vanity, a mere chasing after the wind.”  He concludes the book with an “inclusion statement” in chapter 12, “vanity, vanity, all is Vanity.”  What the reader must know is that in the midst of living life in a vein world, ‘the fear of the Lord’ is the key to redemption!  Having just studied the book of Proverbs we’ll see this theme repeated in Ecclesiastes, and through it all the reader can begin to make sense of a whole host of contradictory scenarios we face living in a fallen  world.  Come join us as we tackle this challenging, and helpful book that the deals very honestly about the complexities of life!

1 and 2 Peter

The Apostle Peter’s letters touch on themes of holiness’ relationship to both hardship (1 Peter) and heresy (2 Peter). This class will offer a thirteen-week expositional survey through 1-2 Peter. We will seek to understand the Scripture in its original context for the purpose of navigating how it applies to our lives as elect exiles who long for our heavenly home with Christ. The high school class will join the adults during this quarter to create more of an inter-generational learning environment.