Fellowship and Care Groups

In addition to Women’s Bible studies, Women in the Church (WIC) committees, men’s groups, and recreational activities that provide opportunities for fellowship, we encourage all members and all who attend regularly to participate in a Care Group led by one of the elders.

The primary focus of our Care Groups is supporting and building up one another; that is, sharing each other’s lives and encouraging one another. While Sunday School classes and other training opportunities are valuable and necessary for spiritual growth, we also recognize the need to deepen relationships and the sense of “family” within the Body – a focus which small groups are especially good at addressing. Fellowship (“koinonia” – Greek for partnership) is required for spiritual growth, just as God’s Word is (Acts 2:42-47).

Care Groups provide a context in which to develop the social and spiritual relationships in a small-group setting. In addition to developing caring relationships, the Care Group also enables the elder to get to know and care for members of his group and enables members to get to know their elder. This has proven, over the years, to be a valuable benefit of our Care Groups. Each elder, together with his Care Group, determines the day of the week and the frequency of their meetings, as well as where they meet – in the church, in the elder’s home or in group members’ homes. We encourage all members and all who attend regularly to participate in a Care Group.

The Diaconate – Mercy Ministry

While the Great Commission speaks of making disciples of all nations, we do not have to go overseas to reach out to others in the name of Christ. Outreach begins in our own neighborhoods and community! The Diaconate, through its mercy ministry, reaches out to those in need in our community. Showing the mercy of Christ is the work of all Christians, especially those who serve as deacons. At Center Grove, the deacons lead the ministry of mercy within the congregation and beyond through organizations like the Glen Ed Pantry, Mission Gate Christmas Angel project as well as member contacts within the community. They have also sent disaster relief teams to the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina.

Diaconal Ministries include

Music Ministry

Music is an important part of worshiping the Lord at Center Grove. Though our worship style is more traditional, our choirs sing both traditional and contemporary music using a variety of instrumental accompaniment. In addition to the Chancel Choir providing anthems and special music, the congregation joins in singing hymns and spiritual songs (Ephesians 5:19) throughout the worship service.

Music is a gift from God to His creation. We agree with John Calvin who wrote that “song has great force and vigor to move and inflame hearts to invoke and praise God with a more lively and ardent zeal.” Music enhances the worship experience, but it is not an end in itself. At Center Grove, our primary purpose in music, as in all areas of worship, is to glorify God.

Our music ministry provides opportunities for people of all ages and musical interests. Formal training and music reading are not required – only a love for God and music. The music ministry includes the Chancel Choir, Men’s Chorale, Women’s Chorale, and Children’s Choirs. Organ and piano, as well as occasional strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion, are used in hymn accompaniment and solo arrangements.

The Chancel Choir rehearses Wednesday evening and Sunday before the worship service. The anthems range from moderate to difficult. High school freshmen through adults are welcome to participate in the Chancel Choir and the individual Chorales. Middle School students may participate with director approval. Children participate in the Children’s Choirs through some of our children’s ministries.


Believing that all Christians are, not merely should be, witnesses of Christ in our daily lives (Acts 1:8), Center Grove trains members in lifestyle – also called friendship – evangelism. In a society that grows more secular every year, simply verbalizing the Gospel is not enough. Believers must know how to live out the Gospel before the watching world and how to engage others in order to gain the opportunity to share Christ and the Good News with them.

In addition to training in lifestyle evangelism, Center Grove provides numerous “side-door” ministries that give members the opportunity to bring friends into contact with the church family. We believe it is important that people see the Gospel against the backdrop of the covenant community – that is, the church. Only as people come in contact with the Body of Christ, rather than merely an individual believer, are they able to see the full glory of Christ and the Gospel.

So, we encourage our children, teens, and adults to build bridges of friendship to their classmates, neighbors, work associates and others and then invite them to participate in some activity that will bring them into contact with the church family and the Good News.

Ministries that include a “side-door” focus include: Vacation Bible School, Youth Groups, Fellowship, Women’s Bible studies, Mercy Ministry projects, Nursing Home Ministry, and short-term missions trips.

Women in the Church (WIC)

WIC seeks to equip, connect, and encourage women at Center Grove “to know Christ personally and be committed to extending His kingdom in her life, home, church, community and through the world.” It provides an opportunity for each woman to discern and exercise her spiritual gifts and abilities to the glory of God in the total work of the church. It builds strong community within the church and develops ministries of support and compassion for the congregation, missionaries supported through the church, and also to those outside the church.

Center Grove women are encourage d to use their gifts through the following committee ministries:

  • Spiritual Growth – coordinates regular Bible studies that include time for study of God’s word, prayer, and fellowship.

 Women’s 2014-15 Bible Studies

                Wednesday mornings, September 10, 9-10:30 am (meeting weekly)    

                Thursday evenings, September 11, 6-7:30 pm (2nd & 4th Thursdays)

                Both groups will study Nancy Guthrie’s

                             The Wisdom of God:  Seeing Jesus in the Psalms and Wisdom Books.

  • Decorating – decorates for WIC events, church-wide events, and holiday occasions
  • Church Events – coordinates WIC meetings, baby/bridal showers , church-wide events and fellowship times. including baby and bridal showers.
  • Church History – compiles a photo scrapbook to record/remember past year’s events and milestones.
  • Mercy – provides meal ministry, cards, and a helping hand to congregation members during times of need.
  • Nursery – coordinates caring for our little ones so parents are able to worship, attend Sunday School and for special events.

The Women of Center Grove warmly welcome you to enjoy these privileges and actively participate in its service!

Youth Ministry

Center Grove’s Junior High (grades 7-8) and Senior High (grades 9-12) youth are led by Pastor Craig, and assisted by adults with a heart for youth ministry. Bible study, fellowship, and service are some of the activities incorporated into the Youth ministry.

The youth meet weekly on Wednesday evenings, 6:30-7:30 pm